Finding My Rhythm

I’ve had a more difficult start to my semester (ETSU, M.Ed. Reading, ESL, STEM) this time around because of several personal issues, the main one being recovery from my first hip replacement and the excruciating pain in the second hip, which is scheduled to be replaced twelve weeks from now. On the bright side, from this experience I’ve learned a lot about the life that people with physical disabilities must navigate by not being able to walk well, living with pain, and using a walker to navigate the campus–including entrances, bathrooms (with non-compliant commodes). Anyhow, I hope to get back into regular podcasts soon. In the meantime, here is an infographic I just made while reading my textbook for my class on assessing English learners. Feel free to save it and share it! To me, it is a perspective I wish to keep close to my heart and mind in my teaching career.

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